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Cathy’s programs are designed to give hairdressers the confidence to be on the the floor earlier, to ignite passion again in those who may have taken a break from the journey, and to train the future trainers to mastery. Architectural Hair is for lifelong learners, those who want to be the best and to have longevity in the industry. Having the right tools to use both while in training and on the salon floor are crucial should one to create lasting and quality looks. 
Please contact Cathy if you’re having trouble locating tools or need guidance on what to purchase:

  • Scissors
    Razor (cut throat razor only) (no feather razors or carving combs allowed). – Razors will be available for purchase during the workshop
    Carbon cutting comb (heat Resistant)
    Pin tail carbon comb
    Wide tooth comb
    Denman combs (carbon combs for long hair cutting DPC4)
    DPCO 3 for precision cutting.
    DPC 1 carbon pintail comb.
    Water Spray
    Duck bill sectioning clips


  • Blow waver
    Straightening iron
    Spring clip iron for setting and curling (1 ½ inch diameter)
    Extension cord


  • Denman brush 9 Row
    Round brushes – small, medium and large. Boar bristle or/and ceramic.
    Paddle Brush
    Vent brush

Dress Work & Bridal

  • Postiche Brush
    Small Mason Pearson or Boar bristle brush
    Back combing comb
    Set of Hot Rollers
    Straightening Irons
    Curling Irons – varying sizes