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What They’re Saying

My name is Charlotte, 

I am a qualified senior hairdresser at Hair By The Sea in Paremata. I have been on a few of Cathy Davys 540 the lodge Architectural Hair Education courses this year,
 including Creative Inteligence in February. I have also done Dress work and a bridal course in May.
I met Cathy Davys earlier this year (2018) when I attended one of her weekend courses ‘Creative inteligence’. 

The course ran for a period of two days, and consisted of cutting, hair ups, and self confidence as a hairdresser. Cathy made me feel very comfortable and at home in this time, I felt very supported and encouraged to ask for help when I needed it. I received amazing feedback from Cathy on how I could be the hair dresser I want to be. I then took the skills Cathy passed onto me into the salon, for example, Cathy taught me to print out our daily sales sheets and aim for a daily target that I would like to work towards, this has increased my sales of up to 5% from last year. Cathys’ knowledge has helped expand my clientele immensely, with a raise of 5% in new clients. I was also encouraged to work on my rebooking with my clientele which increased my rebooking by 5% hence increased sales.
I took away many new skills from this course and have taken them back in to the salon with me to pass them onto my team members, especially my apprentice whom has learnt many new key skills, especially Hairups, which we have worked on since seeing Cathy. After passing on the techniques I learnt from Cathy, my apprentice has gained great confidence and knowledge in creating hair ups on clients. Being able to take away skills and knowldege from Cathy has been a great help with improving our business, experience, and skills to deliver the best service we can provide.
Cathy’s knowledge and passion for hairdressing is inspirational. It has been a privilege to attend Cathy’s seminars. I will keep the skills and knowledge Cathy has taught me for the rest of my hair dressing career, whilst passing them onto my other team members. Cathy is a prime example that we never stop learning in hair dressing, her knowledge is endless, and her patience is what makes her such an incredible teacher. I will forever support Cathy and i wish to attend more of her courses in the future to improve my hairdressing career.

Charlotte WhiteSenior Hairdresser

I reached out to Cathy to train our two year two apprentices, I felt like this would give them the confidence they needed to help them with their exams as they are just around the corner, especially as year two is a big year with learning all cutting.
Cathy was AMAZING! She has a lovely manner in training and is patient and has given my girls great knowledge and confidence. My girls have said they have just clicked on how hair cutting works after seeing Cathy. Her method of teaching is very easy to understand my girls have told me and she has given them both the boost they need by pinpointing their weaknesses and working with them to up skill in these areas.
She gave me regular updates throughout the girls training and I could see all the work that had been done throughout the day. Cathy is very professional & very friendly & has a very creative flare in hairdressing.
I highly recommend Cathy she knows her stuff and she is one fantastic trainer!
I will be sending my apprentices to her again.
Thanks Cathy for this amazing opportunity that you have set up in the Wairarapa, this is an amazing opportunity for all apprentices and is worth investing in.

Carla GatesClient

Attending Cathy’s “Creative Intelligence” workshop over a two-day retreat was both inspiring and an injection of freshness to navigate 2019, review my current position, but more importantly train and plan for a successful year ahead.
Cathy has created an environment that has a mixture of elements; relaxing, stimulating, taking you to the edge of your limits, and at the same time ensuring everyone can share their thoughts and ideas with total respect.
The skills presented were continual and challenging. Written and visual material was of excellent help during and importantly after to take back to the salon for all to view and discuss – a great reference point.
Cathy and Ron’s hospitality was sensational. The opportunities to walk, relax, take a swim or simply enjoy the hot Wairarapa climate was a real treat.
It’s great to spend time training and reviewing with a trainer that “walks the talk” continually and ensures you reassess your techniques and mind space. Cathy’s methods of teaching ensure you stimulate your technical and artist thinking.
I look forward to future training with Cathy.

Terry JonesClient

I have known Cathy for many years. As a hairdresser myself with many years working as a stylist I was extremely fortunate to recently attend a 2 day retreat with Cathy Davys.
These two days reignited the passion which was within me and given my confidence a boost.
Cathy has a skill which ensures all attendees feel valued and special with a particular ability to provide all stylists with individual attention working with their own level and pace of workmanship.
I would fully recommend any hairdresser to attend whatever training this valuable trainer provides and will most definitely be going again ASAP.
Please do not hesitate to contact the undersigned if any further information is required.

Christine Brewster

I would like to highly recommend Cathy Davys for the award “Trainer of the year”
Having worked with Cathy in my New Zealand training school over the past few years I have found her to be not only an amazing person but a professional hairdresser who is dedicated to the advancement of our industry.
Her passion and mantra is “pass it on” as an international educator I believe this “Pass it on attitude” is the only way we can grow and advance not only our young hairdressers but also our successful hairdressers.
Cathy has spent many years perfecting her craft and is the perfect example of a professional Hairdresser and one I’m proud to say flies the flag for New Zealand.
I have no hesitation in recommending Cathy highly for this award.

Patrick Cameronon recommending Cathy for Trainer of the Year

It gives me the greatest pleasure to write this testimonial for Cathy Davys. I have got to know Cathy over many years as a student through my education program, and more recently as a fellow creative as we share our ideas and passion of the craft.
In the past few years Cathy has attended many of my programs to advance her person skill set. She is a dedicated student who is searching for perfection in herself and the education she delivers to the industry at large. Cathy Davys years in the industry have only enhanced her level of expertise. She is industry driven and passionate about the classes she delivers. Always encouraging her students to ‘raise the bar’ higher, to be the best they can be.
This year she has delivered 18 seminars which have been a mix of long hair, Sassoon precision cutting, consultation and motivation. She is a successful business women and a passionate educator. She is respected by all who attend her programs and is a huge asset when it comes to educating the next generation of hairdressers. Cathy is President of the Wellington Hairdressing Association and also a Fore Person judge. Over the past months she has been involved with the training of a New Zealand contestant, who is competing in World Skills, Brazil in August 2015. I would encourage the judging to consider Cathy Davy’s submission for educator of the year.
No one has worked harder and is more deserving of this prestigious title.

Sharon Blainon recommending Cathy for Trainer of the Year