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Join master stylist Cathy Davys as she leads you through Master the Razor

“I cut my teeth on the razor (excuse the pun) literally – I would take the Wilkinson Sword blade from Dad’s razor and carefully etch and shape and sculpt my brother’s hair into the finest mullet in the Wairarapa when I was a child. I love the razor and use it a lot. A razor gives you the designer detail in your cutting, it’s personalization – like a signature.” – Cathy Davys

Knowing how to execute the seven razor techniques will open the door to limitless creative styles and new skills.

Who is this for?

When you’re starting out it’s easy to have a fear of a very sharp object – the razor. It’s important for this program to have a confident hold and understanding of your scissors first, this will ensure you are able to work with the razor in a confident manner. (If you’re concerned about your technique or level of work, make a note in your application to the program prior to starting. Cathy will work with the less confident stylists prior to the workshop to ensure each stylist is working at the same level in class).


Two days. 8.30 am – 4.30 pm with one-hour lunch.

What you will learn

  • Communication and consultation (explaining the razor to your guest)
  • How to hold the razor, correct body position for maximum control
  • The different types of razors and their uses
  • Facial framing
  • Precision
  • Soft outlines – strong outlines
  • The seven razor techniques
  • Keeping your style new and on point
  • Exciting your salon guest

The Experience

Cathy has the desire to help people be the best version of themselves. This comes through mastery of ones craft. Her workshops are limited to 8 stylists, and programs are delivered with empathy in very safe environments,  giving one lifelong learning tools. Everyone is respected regardless of background. There are no wrong questions, no distractions of salon phones or interruptions. One is in the classroom with Cathy to have fun and experience the best of hair education.

The Benefits to the Salon and Stylist

When the razor is correctly used it simultaneously creates an internal layer and an external perimeter shape that cannot be achieved in the same way with scissors.

The razor creates beautiful movement and softness. When you master the razor with excellent control and efficiency, a salon guest will have more options for how their look(s) will be achieved.

As a stylist gains confidence in their new skills they increase their repertoire of styles – this leads to being able to charge a higher level for their services, thereby increasing the average client spend.

Your Workshop Includes

  • Small intimate classes where you will have Cathy’s full attention (8 places only)
  • Mannequin head and stand
  • A very safe and creative environment
  • Hours of hands on training
  • Multi media presentations
  • Head sheets and work books
  • Official completion certificate
  • An experience like no other in hair education

National and International Hair Stylist are all welcome. Payments must be made before attendance on each program.