Etching Razors


Companion for meticulous hair outlining, intricate hair tattoos, and stylish hairstyling. 

One set includes, three razor pens and protective covers to keep your tools safe and secure.

Blades of these razor pens are made from premium-grade stainless steel. This choice of material guarantees exceptional durability. Cleaning and sanitising are a breeze as the blades can be easily wiped with hygienic wipes,  ensuring a safe experience.

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Cathy Davys Hair Design & Education is delighted to announce the debut of the Etching Razor, an exceptional instrument that sets a new standard for precision and detail in haircuts. This cutting-edge tool is poised to revolutionize the way stylists and barbers approach their craft.

The Etching Razor represents a leap forward in versatility and innovation, empowering professional hairstylists to infuse their work with a personalized touch and elevate the intricacy and refinement of their designs. Crafted with a stainless-steel precision blade, the razor effortlessly glides through hair, while its lightweight construction and ergonomic grip ensure that it is a pleasure to use. 

Experience the pleasure of using the Etching Razor as it enhances your artistic vision, taking your finish and design to unprecedented heights.