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Join master stylist Cathy Davys as she leads you through Train the Trainer

Next Course (Part One)

January 24-25, 2021 @ The 540 Lodge

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Training is an integral part of becoming a successful salon and stylist. Do you love training? Do you want to develop educators within your team? Would you like to allow your Company to become sustainable by training and producing the next generation of stylist/educators internally?

These workshops are part of a designed journey over 8 days, spread over 6 months. This gives you the time to put into practice what you learn and chance to ask questions as you go. Cathy will be available to mentor and coach you during this time.

Who is this for?

Cathy has designed this program specifically for Salon Owners, Managers, Educators, & Artistic Directors who are responsible for training their teams and have a passion to learn & grow. Cathy will guide you through a designed program, giving you a structure to create a learning path for new hires, existing team members and those re-entering the industry.


Parts 1, 2, 3 & 4 – Eight days over four weekends. 8.30 am – 4.30 pm with one-hour lunch.

What you will learn

Personalizing the way education is being delivered within your business is the key to controlling quality, a designed program will assist in standardizing you’re training by providing structure and consistency.


  • How to Build and grow a strong team – who’s on the bus
  • How to plan your own training program for consistency
  • How to develop the ideal assistant and why you need to
  • How to develop the ideal stylist
  • Transition from Assistant to Emerging Talent
  • Mapping and charting progress

Soft skills

  • How to look at the whole person in a consultation
  • Consultation
  • Face shapes
  • Understanding balance and shape

Business skills

  • How to lead
  • How to Build your brand
  • How to coach and inspire your team.
  • The different styles of learning
  • How to win and retain team members
  • How to give Feedback (The Breakfast of Champions)

How to coach and teach technical skills

  • Precision Cutting
  • Razor work
  • Dress outs
  • Styling/setting
  • Up styling casual and formal. The art of pinning and back combing

The Experience

Cathy has the desire to help people be the best version of themselves. This comes through mastery of ones craft. Her workshops are limited to 8 stylists, and programs are delivered with empathy in very safe environments,  giving one lifelong learning tools. Everyone is respected regardless of background. There are no wrong questions, no distractions of salon phones or interruptions. One is in the classroom with Cathy to have fun and experience the best of hair education.

The Benefits to the Salon

The workshop provides consistency, confidence and integrity in the coaching of salon teams and individuals. It is the foundation of all training choices. You will have the skills to produce new apprentices who are able to be on the floor faster due to an accelerated learning curve. You will have new skills to coach existing stylists and those returning to the industry.

A consistent training program will:

  • Assist in growing sales
  • Lower wage percentages
  • Build efficiency behind the chair
  • Improve client and team retention
  • Expand technical skills and boost confidence
  • Increase creativity within your brand
  • You will have motivated stylist and happy guests

Your Workshop Includes

  • Morning & afternoon refreshments and lunch for both days. Please advise any dietary requirements (dependent on location)
  • Small intimate classes where you will have Cathy’s full attention
  • Four mannequin heads – one for each weekend
  • Long hair mannequins provided on loan when needed through the program
  • Stands provided or you are welcome to bring your own
  • There are no dumb questions, the environment is safe and private.
  • Hours of hands on training
  • Multi Media Presentations
  • Official completion certificate

National and International Hair Stylist are all welcome. Payments must be made before attendance on each program.